When you was a child and watched movie with explicit scenes, was your eyes closed with hands? 

On the 10th of December in FEDORIV Hub will host Sex Pop Culture Public Talk, an open dialogue about the boundaries of aesthetics and bad taste in public manifestations. Experts from the field of fashion, journalism, film, business and politics will share their views on this issue, will talk about the confrontation of art and bigotry, beauty and absurdity, will discuss the relationship between these concepts.

World sexual revolution took place in the 1960s. But Ukraine has its own, distinct development in this matter. Earlier the worldwide employees of libraries, reading the novels of Henry Miller, had fainted. But some of them still have fainted in Ukraine. What to do with these symptoms? And is there a place for the body aesthetics in urban space?

During the discussion, Sex Pop Culture Public Talk participants will talk about the influence of culture and art in the public life, about where the boundaries of the counterculture as a non-standard approach to accelerate progress and business development.

The event participants:

– Daria Shapovalova, creative director of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days
– Garik Korogodskiy, Ukrainian businessman, “people’s mayor”
– Vlad Ivanenko, editor in chief of Playboy Ukraine-Russia
– Denis Ivanov, director of Arthouse Traffic
– Evgeniy Chichvarkin, a Russian businessman, former owner “Euroset”
– Andriy Fedoriv, moderator

Event organizer: Helen Marlen Group

Limited amount of tickets.

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