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Dealing with government agencies and permitting bodies has always been a fairly unpleasant experience to citizens, given that all downsides of the old system are flourishing there even today. As part of the positive shifts occurring in Ukraine, a new Document Service Building, similar to the House of Justice in Georgia, was built in Kyiv with a purpose of placing numerous government services into a single location. No corrupt practices, no low conduct and no Soviet-style service. These simple principles contributed to the design of the building which is made entirely transparent.

We had a task to develop the name and visual identity for the service that is going to reverse public opinion about all state services. Transparency, people-orientedness and a very fast response – this is what the brand must say. The first thing that marks out a human-oriented service from faceless organizations is its name. We tried to create a vibrant, simple and energetic name, instead of traditional abbreviations, and we ultimately came up with “GOTOVO!” [DONE!]. To underline it in every sense of the word, we utilized a well-known highlighting technique. This identity is easily transferred to various information carriers and is highly applicative, for example, a branded highlight may be used to accentuate the Sign Here area in documents and important paragraphs for customers.