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Watsons — the largest retail chain of beauty products and health with more than 372 stores and 112 pharmacies in 24 cities of Ukraine. We produced an offbeat case for the Watsons Exclusive private-label brand owned by the Watsons chain. The task that faced FEDORIV was to heighten female consumers’ interest in exclusive brands marketed in the chain stores. Their European origin is common knowledge. The price/quality ratio is an open secret, too. The product range is so versatile that we cannot cover it all.


Finally, we came up with a simple, but potent formula — The Interest Generates Interest. Just tell a consumer — especially, a female consumer — in bright and extraordinary manner that she is in for a big surprise. And she herself will break into a run to clear out details. Since August 2015, Maggie the Magpie, an expert in all unique, bright and luring things, will be the brand ambassador for the Watsons Exclusive line. Her aim is to inform female consumers of all interesting events related to the products: novelties, specials, discounts and limited period offers.