Brest Meat Packing Plant
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Brest Meat Packing Plant (BMPP) is number one producer in meat industry of Belarus. The plant annually produces approximately 25 000 tons of meat products for two million of Belarusians. It provides jobs to more than two thousand persons. Form of property is state-owned. After the Company addressed to us, it was clear that organic and passive growth of the Plant suspended and the next stage is stagnation. BMPP did not have a consistent communication, identification, positioning. However, the Company had a dream — to create national brand based on state-owned enterprise with long Soviet past and to strengthen the position of leader in the meat industry of Belarus.


We established a brand "Gastronomy Expert". The blueprint and essence for the brand became "Chef" who "is strict with profession and very kind to people". Thus, we gave pride of place to high quality of product, leadership, professional competence and our perception of consumer. The relationships with people began to pass through Love area. We understood that one often buys a product for those whom he loves, and it is impossible to fail loved ones. We made major efforts to create a total visual look – both corporate one and for pack. We helped to apply the brand to corporate environment. We developed a communication strategy and launched a national advertising campaign with core idea Love exists! The result of re-branding was sales increase by 25% following the results of 2015, loyalty boosting and brand awareness by 30-40%.

Love exists-2

Summer, 2016

In the year 2016 we continued the theme of love in a new communication Love exists-2. Using successful format of the previous campaign, we shifted focus to family relations and made a range of simple short sketches about life.

Love exists-3

Summer, 2017

In summer 2017, we created a new part of the “Love Exists” stories. More into warmth, more heartwarming and more intimate. Because when you are loved, you are always welcomed.