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PR-agency where more than 40 experts work who have experience in corporate, integrated marketing, product, digital public communications and employer's brand formation. The Company is communication partner of such international brands as Avon, Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Microsoft, Mondelez International, Philips, Sanofi, Shell, and large local brands — Fozzy Group and Aequo as well. Since 2003 the Agency operated under the brand of PRP as a branch of the world network Weber Shandwick, was a part of Advertising and Communication Holding ADV Group. In 2015 the team decided to continue the history of development under its own brand BE—it.


The team addressed to us with a ready name and positioning: We create meaningful stories. However they needed to determine strategic growth priorities of the Company and to develop visual identity that would represent main values and positioning of the Company


During strategic working session we helped capturing vision of the future of Be—it as company, its strengths and growth priorities. Developing a system of visual identity, we started from a name. The final product of the Company is stories, the challenge — "To be — you have to be it" encoded in the brand name can be applied to each of them. Hence the stylized text block with double meaning. Of the one part, tritely and point blank — text block itself, a certain ready story it would be a good thing to compare yourself to. Of the other part, it's place for new stories to be made. Empty columns that have yet to be completed. So, we tied up the essence of their work with visual identity of Be—it: process of story making, various stories, but definitely meaningful stories, with flow of plots and unpredictable chapter breaks.