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Dalnoboy is a leader in the truck tire market. At the beginning of 2012, the company set us a goal to add up offbeat solutions to and fill with emotions a conservative B2B tire business.



New avenues

Having spent six months researching tires purchase decision-making, we identified extreme market nonuniformity. The matter was that a truck fleet owner usually made an ultimate purchase decision, but his supervisors, engineers and drivers usually affect his resolve remarkably. Thus, we developed a rather unexpected positioning as for a tire seller. Its core is defense. Dalnoboy protects tires and its costumers’ money from stupidity, backstab and other surprises. It is neither a deep-mouthed brand nor random positive feedbacks that promote the truck fleet, but a pure mathematics serving to extend tires’ operational term. Besides, we proposed to reform Dalnoboy product line. Thus, dozens of services were packed into four clear products with various levels of protection. We performed a total rebranding and developed as well as ran holistic internal and external communication campaigns.

We shot and issued a video booklet with company founder “Dalnoboy” Oleg Shulyak and addressed it to owners and managers of businesses.