Together is better

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This is one of the first channels to have emerged in independent Ukraine. Today, it ranks in the top three. A whole generation grew up with ICTV. The channel is familiar even to those who do not watch television — but they do say they know ICTV. In other words, this is the Leader, the Star, and the Favourite of millions. As time goes by and everything changes, even the most successful brand must adapt to the changes.


The task is to renew the ICTV brand in a way not to affect anything that makes it successful, recognizable, and popular. Nothing must be ruined. Every aspect must be developed smoothly to make the brand way more modern and stronger. That is why the Star, the channel’s mascot, had to remain and even replicate.


As a high-profile media operator, ICTV can do way more than just entertain or inform. It can trigger positive social changes in people’s lives and in the entire country. It can eradicate the ‘I-am-not-my-brother’s-keeper’ attitude that Ukrainians are often invested with, and instead, try to cultivate a new behavioural habit of ‘Together Is Better’. This should apply not only to solving problems, but to everyday routine. Together we are stronger and happier, which has been proven historically.

This message is primarily focused on men, who are the channel’s major audience. A lonely superman has been substituted with the image of a unifier hero. His mission is to be with his family, not just provide for the family. He is the centre; he is the one who rallies relations and friends and raises a new generation. That is how communication affects the future of this country, not only the present moment.

The channel brand is chiefly shaped up by dint of content and so-called ‘channel’s clothing’ such as bumpers, announcements, ads and other visual aids. They are short but air often. They are the first to let viewers understand that the channel has changed. We have integrated these changes into the series of ID cutaway shots and this must be done in a funny way, avoiding artificial ‘happy families’. The Star became the main character. Sometimes, it behaves dynamically and is composed of elements; other times, it is uniform but interacts with adjacent visual content. The unlimited number of Star images makes the concept interesting and functional for the channel.

In the course of our project work, we have cooperated closely with the channel employees. We have created a short ‘video manifesto’ for a festive launch of the renewed ICTV. There, Oleksandr Bohutskyi, Channel Director, and a group of TV presenters introduce the new platform and unveil the depth of this seemingly simple phrase, ‘Together Is Better’. They themselves have felt the power of this motto at the shooting stage.

Bright future is ahead, and so is the gradual transformation of the channel’s content.

Stick around, it will be interesting!