Klitschko Foundation
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Klitschko Foundation actively helps Ukrainian young people develop in sport and gain knowledge since 2003. Fund managed to realize hundreds of important projects to its tenth anniversary.
However, communication was too neutral and visual identity was strange to young people and teenagers. We understand that the aim - not just handing out candy and toys. Foundation helps to believe in yourself. Its philosophy is a strong belief that any dream can become a reality. If you take a step toward her everyday. This principle we reflected by appeal "Fight for your dream" and fastened in the new visual identity of brand.



Red Dot Award 2015

FEDORIV Branding Agency in close cooperation with Klitschko Foundation has won the Red Dot Award in nomination Communication Design 2015 — one of the largest and most respected international design competitions, for the outstanding Klitschko Foundation Brand Identity. The international jury judged each of the 7.451 entries live and in situ in sessions running over several days. Only the best works win this seal of quality for design. The jury granted the award to 568 outstanding creative achievements.