Scandinavian Values

  • Design
  • Strategy

Just imagine a small town within a 20-minute drive from Kyiv that contains about 100 houses. The houses are nestled in a 80-hectare secured area, of which 15 hectares are occupied by a central park. Further to this, the town features a regular public transport, a number of stores selling multiple products, day-care facilities, gyms, and drinking water from Artesian springs. This project to be commissioned in 7-10 years by Prosperitaris required a new brand.

When developing the strategy, we assumed that many people not only want to get larger apartments or improve their living conditions. Consciously or not, they also dream of other place and the ambience with clean environment where everything is easy, accessible and safe – about, say, Scandinavia. We can offer people to move to this new green city instead of migrating to another country.

We created the Scandia name based on the Scandinavian values that underpin the project.

The visual identity system includes Scandinavian forms and color solutions that are manifested in the architectural design of houses painted in Scandinavian colors.