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While Europe is going green, high technologies infiltrate the beauty industry in Asia. Asian beauty products have entered the Ukrainian market quite recently and became a hit with consumers. Today, they are increasing their market presence in Ukraine. One of the novelties is SOSU Pedicure Socks (Japan) that are a great foot care alternative to a saloon pedicure.


The beauty market is developed well and it is hard to amaze buyers with a fantastic packaging or a set of doctored images showing an ideally clean skin but SOSU actually did not need that. Our task was to get the product across to consumers in an unorthodox way.


To avoid a regular beauty communication, we have turned to Japanese motives. Feet played a lead role while the noir horror and an interpreter of VHS films were cheerleaders. Besides, there was a SPA, a bathroom duck and Fuji; nothing special at all but a common story of a DIY pedicure in Japan.