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In Ukraine, cargo carriers and owners normally interact via intermediaries, meaning that freight transportation always involves third parties, i.e. forwarders. This practice makes transportation more complicated, impedes free competition, and increases the cost of services, which is disadvantageous for everyone.

A team of Ukrainian developers masterminded by the most reputed industry expert, Yevhen Chervonenko, decided to reshape the long-established trend. They have created a handy, online service that links customers and freight carriers directly, and that freight transportation service can be compared with Uber in terms of its features.


We had to create a new brand for a unique, innovative, logistics-revolutionizing product that had no name, no identity, and no strategy, and then launch it on the market.


The more complex a product is, the simpler its promotion should be, so the concept of the promotion campaign was based on the simple and comfortable nature of the new service. Even the name conveys the idea of a direct connection between a cargo carrier (A) and owner (B), without any excessive links between them. A2B DIRECT is a direct logistics platform with no intermediaries involved. The visual identity system is based on infographics that outline the basics of service operations with the help of basic elements of the branded style.

By using new-generation domain names, we registered the a2b.direct website that is a complete match with the company’s name.
We produced promotional materials and launched an extensive PR campaign. It was the first time that the new brand was represented at the major International Transport Conference hosted in Kyiv.he company’s name.


For the first five days, over 1000 users registered on the website. The project was highly successful among many market leaders, including some of the largest filling station chains, finance and insurance companies, mobile network operators, etc.

The new economy is on-stream, and the revolution is under way!