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The following story is familiar to every Ukrainian. In February 2014, the US dollar that had been maintained stable at the 1USD/7.99UAH exchange rate for four years, galloped up. It finally stopped in July 2015 when one dollar cost 23 hryvnias. Mass market companies focused on women adjusted their prices to the new exchange rate and became improperly expensive for their customers. Hit by slumping sales, retail stores started the race of specials. Female customers were showered with discounts, bonuses, extra services and other special offers with an aim to get ladies back to trade centers.
Meanwhile consumers kept up feeling in a bad mood, flea markets, clothes focused groups in social networks and consignment stores gained momentum. However, shopping there was rarely successful and often brought disappointment. Even hard-core fashion-mongers went to markets blushing to do it.


It was a no joking matter. We had to thunder down the companies that assured they were the cheapest. From this point of view, the shopping club modnaKasta was a reasonable leader with really low prices due to its sales turnover. All we had to do was to spread the word about it.


In this screaming and shouting environment, we decided to speak quietly but to the point. Nearly all women sometimes feel depressed when looking at a wonderful but expensive dress. “To buy or to save money?” This dilemma is clearly resolved when you know who to pay and what for. The 20-kilogram armor suit, horse and a pair of twins created clear parallels with a shopping process. We can agree buying on the Internet is cheaper – but not cheaper than goods in modnaKasta.