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Royal Tower is a complex of luxury club apartments in the heart of Kyiv. The real estate project was put in place with a direct involvement of a famous British architect. The residential compound features floor-to-ceiling windows, a cozy lounge hall with a concierge service, an upscale gym and even a roof park — these all at competitive prices. Yet, Royal Tower used to present its advantages in a classic ‘Ukrainian premium’ gold and monogram style. That take resulted in a failure to set themselves apart from their competitors that offered less but looked the same. So our aim was to streamline the brand communication.




The real estate project was to satisfy the most demanding customers, so we came up with an idea to implement the ‘All factored in. All included’ strategy in our communication efforts. We developed a comprehensive identity system for Royal Tower as a cutting-edge and expensive residential compound. We came away from traditional pseudo-premium special effects and came up with a classic font scheme instead of gold and monogram simulation. What we offered was a unique hand-drawn Humanist Sans-serif conventionally used in premium brand’s identity. Capital R and T were adorned with an aristocratic monogram. A combination of deep blue and ochre beige colors (materialized into matt bronze) added impression to the overall color solution. Besides, we added a bright yellow color to serve as a perfect identifier for external communications.

Park on the Roof

Communication Campaign. 2015-2016

The communication we developed was based around a roof park, which was an architectural feature that competitors lack. Green alleys for warm weather walks, a 24/7 lounge bar, and a roof-top terrace offering an all-round view over the central part of Kyiv and accessible for house inhabitants and their guests only. This is a natural habitat for people who appreciate luxury and their time.

I have been referred to this company many times. I met with Andrey Fedoriv, he told about himself in five minutes. It was enough for me to understand that he is a strong professional and I would like to deal with him.
  • Artur Mkhitaryan
  • Founder and President of Taryan Group, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and President of «Poznyakzhytlobud »