The most famous Italian writer of our time

In 1994, a prominent Italian writer, essayist, playwright, journalist, book reviewer and music critic Alessandro Baricco co-founded Scuola Holden, a Storytelling & Performing Arts school named after the protagonist of Salinger’s novel. In 2012, he could be seen and heard live by Ukrainians. In cooperation with Italian Culture Center and Mystetskyi Arsenal, we organized Baricco’s visit to Ukraine so that a great storyteller could tell his own story.

“Creative writing is very fragile, so you ought to hide from mass media. But you have to find a balance. Time goes by, and you work out a sort of adaptation practice. Deciding on whether you want to see yourself in media or participate in whatever award ceremony is a part of my routine job. Relations with critics are not simple, too. So the only way is to have a great success”. Alessandro Baricco