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Every woman is perfectly unique.
Exceptional and unequalled.
Unlimited and unpredictable.
Every day she is different.
Every day she chooses what to be.
We had a task to develop the concept of multi-boutique where every woman could find herself - unlimited and unique. We have created a brand, in fact, from scratch. Long before the opening of the first space of Silenza, we learned all about the choices of clothes by Ukrainian women. We conducted study and later had a clear understanding: best brand concept can be realized only like Italian.


Based on a small manufacturer of Silenza, which has existed for many years in Italy, we have built a true Italian brand. In fact, we restarted it – with a new positioning, fresh communication strategy and completely new visual identity. Special attention was paid to implementation of the philosophy of the brand in interior solutions, that’s why we closely worked with designers and architects.

Sincerely wishing to affirm that every woman is perfectly unique, exceptional and unequalled, Fedoriv agency merged lingerie and poetry in its Silenza project. Thus, the brand strives to make one dive into the inner female space. By means of interactive website, mere watching turns into personal storytelling, with the possibility to choose the storyline via smartphone. Every decision made throughout the story leads a woman to recognize her special distinctiveness by overcoming her every little uncertainty. Eventually, she gets a branded picture of her, showing her doubts to jump into the lake, and she may share that. After all, she, of course, is informed of all the brands available at the stores. And this is how Fedoriv agency made a new brand by bringing strategy and poetry work together for the lingerie.

Silenza gives a woman the opportunity to choose trending underwear from Oroblu, Lepel, Cottonclub, Cotonella, Valery, Verdissima, Curvy Kate, Dita von Teese, Susa, Le Vernis, Rose & Petal as well as famous Ukrainian designers. Personal Silenza lingerie-stylists help to make the right choice, catch the mood and take into account all individual parameters. Silenza space is a space of choice, based on the principle of full intimacy in fitting and a special Italian atmosphere in the hall. There could be a long story about Silenza philosophy incarnation by the team of culture experts, architects and digital-experts, but one should simply just feel it. Therefore, no more words. Don’t speak, wear Silenza and dive into your endless story. After all, there’s only you.

Silenza Club

In the space of Silenza we launched an innovative model of customer service. Don’t make the wrong choice, catch the mood and take into account all individual parameters of woman helps personal lingerie-stylist. Silenza is an intimate space and at the same time women’s club. This involves a special type of communication — openly about extrasensory. Thanks to the PR-agency “AGENTSTVO”! We were able to make the idea to reality of the club.