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German motor oil Bizol is sold in 65 countries worldwide. The company works with exclusive distributors, delivers tailored products to specific markets and efficiently responds to customer’s needs by using a flexible model of consumer innovations. In spite of all that, Bizol faced a lack of up-to-date communication solutions that would be naturally integrated into a conservative ideology of German quality.

New avenues

In 2008, we worked out Bizol logo, and in 2014, came up with the new packaging for the whole range of motor oils. Emphasizing brand integrity, the shape of the new can resembled letter B. What is more, that designing solution enabled to overcome spills and splashing. We adopted the same letter B concept for can labels, and by adding muted color marking, made it easy and instant to distinguish oils on store shelves. Obiter, the newly designed Bizol cans were prize-winning at Red Dot Design Award.

I know only one marketing expert who said: “You have no need to spend money for advertising.” Way back in the nineties we ordered a strategy development in “Ludi” Agency, they performed internal and external audit. And delivered verdict: “Now you have no need for advertising, return to your trenches for establishing processes.” Adman, who refused to earn money, was Andrey Fedoriv.

  • Olga Gutsal
  • The owner of the company “Camion Oil” and jewelry salon “Abrikos”

IF Award 2015


In 2015, our new container for Bizol oils won the main design prize, iF Design Award 2015, for the most innovative packaging. Our cans were recognized to be the best among 4783 other projects from 53 countries. It is the first time a motor oil brand won both Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award since 1953.