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Seven songs only was the first album track list of chemically named band DDT-1 recorded on home tape player in 1980. In October 2011, DDT released its 23rd album. This time the musicians wanted to say something otherwise, which sounds “Inache” in Russian.
To support their new record, DDT planned 100-concert tour in Russia, CIS countries and the world. It should have been not less than a legendary show by the legendary rock band.
The project was built up of three major parts. We created a program brand and designed all communication materials. We also were fully engaged in creating video decorations for the show. Actually, for us it was a key-in-the-door project, from the album cover to stage multi screens content. In shooting 26 days, we collected 18 narrative videos and produced a 90-minute 8 HD video art. Five-story building height screen displayed that beauty during central Moscow Inache performance.