Dance in pair with professional

Dance Art Academy
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Profile of Dance Art Academy (DAA) — Pro/am ballroom dance. The core of this concept is that a non-professional (amateur) when entering the school becomes a dancing partner of a teacher (professional), but not of the same beginner. As a result the non-professional masters faster, feels easier and improves dancing rapidly. Our aim was to develop communication for opening up the school.


Pro/am is an opportunity to achieve success in the dance when you are already at the mature, steady age, to take part in tournaments and win in championships irrespective of the initial level of training. Just falling in love with the dance is enough. That is why we have created a video novel “Everything that happened on the parquet floor will stay on the parquet floor” together with choreographer and stage manager of ApacheCrew team Anatoly Savichko. We have told the history of five kinds of passion that may be lived through the dance, wordlessly, by means of foxtrot, rumba, tango, paso doble and waltz lexicon.

In Kyiv we supported this work by outdoor advertising, offering for people to dance in pair with professional. Moreover we showed the professionals in short videos.