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Founded in 1954, Ostankino Meat Processing Plant is still the leader in Russian meat industry and ranks among top five food companies, according to Forbes.
Ostankino yields 500 tons of products daily which is consumed by five million Russians. The meat processing plant wanted to consolidate and enhance its leadership, so in 2010 it delegated us the functions of strategic marketing.


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We developed the new positioning “Ostankino Quality”, held a big tender for the rebranding of the company, created an integrated system of visual identity and designed a new line of packaging. In 2012, we launched a powerful communication “Daddy Can!” under the Ostankino umbrella. Our first TV commercial about father who made a sandwich for school showed that father is head of family, and Ostankino is master of meat. For a few months of its broadcasting, the footage literally became a meme. In total, the campaign “Daddy Can!” comprises nine video commercials, a new Ostankino website, and an idea of celebrating the Father Day every year, in June. So, what they have as a result was the sales growth up to a full utilization of production capacity, good standing in families and market leadership.

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For the lasy year our product category dropped by 7%, but we grew by 25%. We believe this happened thanks to the marketing abilities of FEDORIV

Sergey Popov, Co-owner and Commercial Director of Ostankino

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