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Klammer is a new operator on the laundry detergent market featuring a unique sales system. The product consists of two parts, namely, a basic mixture for the regular washing, and booster additives for specific washing modes (white clothes, colored clothes, removal of grease stains, manual washing, etc.)


We had to find the answers to the questions put by the detergent’s manufacturer: How can a young brand stand out among long-established brands? How to take the fancy of housewives and explain them a new approach to washing?


We developed the brand title with a German twist, Klammer, meaning “clothespin”. The title is easily readable by the target audience and gives credibility to the brand, according to a focus group study. The identity combines both the elements of the product into a simple and easy-to-understand item sold as one. The geometric patterns became actually a user’s guide, not just a design element, delivering the message “This is the basic detergent and those are additives.”