The Bar
  • Design

Our friends’ new facility became an iconic venue just a few weeks after its formal opening in the heart of Kyiv. This is a classic bar with a couple of halls. Rumors say they also have a kid of secret room accessible for those selected only. Every evening, hundreds of visitors rush to The Bar with one and only dream in mind, that is, to touch a drop of a fantastic cocktail. The establishment serves only drinks, and nothing extra — the hungry can be offered a pack of peanuts at most. Meanwhile, cocktail fans will be inspired by a fabulous cocktail menu and a warm welcome of expert bartenders. The point was how the establishment had to look like?


Our solution was simple, straightforward and brief. The whole visual identity system was built around a logo, since a style should resemble a layered shooter by its effect. The Bar requires no specific emblem due to its typography and the upside-down letter A that actually represents his Majesty — the cocktail.

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