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Evrosvet company has long been a source of light itself for large manufacturing enterprises of Eastern Ukraine. Due to loss of market business owners faced the task of refreshing the brand and finding a way to develop the company in alternative market segments. We analyzed the light consumption in B2C and B2B and noted LED trend wave. It is a new technology coming to push out yesterday incandescent devices and luminescent lamps. As one did not find any bright brands or advertising campaigns among LED manufacturers, we gained an opportunity to really delight and inspire by light, but not just to tell you about innovative technology as energy-saving choice.


Light is an emotion. Spotless shine sees no bounds and bans. That is why, working with such product as light, we could afford to be even braver: to some extent, by our new name — LETLED. We created a brand for category. Now everyone, who says about LED, will be the second best one at the lighting market, after us.

We elaborated a specific system of the brand identity. As light is self-sufficient in its nature, we had not to invent new symbols. We simply created the logo from light microsources either of which is just comprised of the RGB matrix. And the same set formed a system of corporate brand colors. Moreover, we used dynamic effect of the logo change: light indeed is never ending.