Wine is worth it

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Koblevo is people, who love what they do and take every detail seriously. To make great wine, they get up before the dawn to harvest the best grapes, spare no expense when it comes to the best European seedlings, and allow time for the vines to grow and cultivate the ideal wine grape.


When consumers see a nice bottle of wine on a store shelf, they rarely think about the amount of time and labor spent to make it. Indeed, they don’t have to, as the result should speak for itself. For Ukrainians to appreciate this result, we needed to re-acquaint people with the brand, which seemed familiar, and prove that Ukrainian wine can be of good quality and inexpensive.


We developed a positioning based on a simple statement: “It’s worth it.” Worth the difficulties and the labor. Worth all those “Damn its!” and getting up at five a.m. In the end, all this is how a really great wine, worthy of your choice, is created.

For our new communication, we stopped using those popular advertising clichés of regular wine brands about “romantic evenings” and “exquisite tastings” — instead, we started speaking in simple terms about how real wine is made. We showed more than 2,000 hectares of vines growing in a unique, natural corner of Ukraine between the warm Black Sea and the Tylihul estuarine reserve (even though we couldn’t get it all into the frame!). We told about our modern technical equipment and Koblevo’s heartfelt people, who truly care.

Without trying to enchant buyers with a picture of an idealized life, we honestly and simply told about the main strength of the brand: Koblevo handles all the complexities of production, so that selecting a wine from the store shelf need never again be complex for you.

It’s worth it