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Lipsky is an iconic Kyiv restaurant of the modern gastronomy, established in 2002. It is located in nineteenth-century Lipsky mansion. Due to its legendary cuisine, wine collection, and original interior Lipsky became famous long before “the restaurant boom”.


Kyiv changed. New, great restaurants appeared that didn’t require tuxedos. In that situation, Lipsky looked outdated and pretentious. Our task was to get rid of pomposity, to make it more interesting for the wider audience, and at the same time to save the status of one of the best restaurants in the city.


Firstly, we destroyed the old restaurant. And it was beautiful. The video of the owners destroying interior with a sledgehammer and cutting furniture with a chainsaw to the classical music gained thousands of views and hundreds of comments. That was the biggest closing of a restaurant in Ukraine. We simplified the old name The Lipsky Mansion and left just Lipsky: it is stylish and laconic.

The combination is the main idea of the renewed Lipsky. The combination of uncombinable. We added modern to the classic that was left from the old interior. We mixed an old chandelier with a brass lamps, an antique piano with a DJ mixer; we changed all furniture but left plasterwork on the walls.

The concept of combination even changed the format of Lipsky. In addition to the restaurant, there appeared a new city cafe with cocoa and cakes.

The new design identity is a functional system. It allows the client to create new communication materials, like posters, gift certificates, special menus, etc.

We also developed a new event concepts. A DJ performing at cocktail parties in the fancy restaurant and supper parties where guests can chat on special topics. Two weeks before the launch, we started a teaser online campaign with short daily countdown videos.