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Nova Poshta is Ukraine’s top express delivery company. Established in 2001, Nova Poshta has opened over 2000 modern branches providing all-featured service coverage for the most remote towns and villages across Ukraine.




The company became a trendsetter for the entire market and a symbol for constant movement and speed. Yet, Nova Poshta lacked a clear communication strategy, and its former identity represented the principles that were polar to the brand’s essence.


We have developed a new strategy for Nova Poshta. The Delivery of the Future idea and its visual set-up showcase an agility of the ambitious brand. The company rebranded its branches, put in place new services, made delivery quicker and safer, and is still not ready to rest.

FEDORIV made so overwhelming impression on me, there were no any options. FEDORIV is a boutique creating masterpieces. It's pity if they will change into factory.
    • Vyacheslav Klimov
    • General Director of the Nova Poshta

The World in the Box

Advertising Campaign 1, 2014

We had to spread the word about the Nova Poshta’s refurbished identity and launch its first image campaign. We explored the renewed Nova Poshta in a far-reaching campaign The World in the Box. This comprehensive communication conveyed a simple idea: We deliver everything. For the purpose of telling that effectively, we designed an extremely brief TV commercial dramatically different from all the other ads.

We Deliver Love

Advertising Campaign 2, 2014

Previously, we made a point that the express mail delivered whatever one would only wish. Nontheless, postal items are not just about delivery and handling of some parcel from point A to point B. In this regard, we were to increase the number of reasons one might want to have something delivered. We opted to explain why to send a letter or other mailing piece as long as a parcel is more than a package and its content. This is a vibrant story of relations between grandfather and his grandchildren, son and mother, and between a young couple. These are living feelings. The campaign efficiency study showed that people recognized Nova Poshta even when shown non-branded fragments from NP commercials. Besides, over 50% of respondents recalled the campaign slogan “We Deliver Love”.

Do Not Complicate Your Life

Advertising Campaign 3, 2015

Many people, even those among constant Nova Poshta services users, were unaware that they could send outsized things as well as address them to themselves. Our task was to show it was simple and very convenient. We came up with several video episodes on various real-world situations that depicted useful options offered by Nova Poshta. For example, you could send your skis from your hometown and receive them in Bukovel. Nova Poshta simplifies home moving and helps avoid the travel fuss. All a traveler has to do is send his luggage via Nova Poshta to the place of destination and travel light-handed.

15 years for you!

Advertising Campaign 4, 2016

Many people consider NOVA POSHTA to be a young company. Less than two years passed since launch the new logo with arrows. Yet, NOVA POSHTA makes our lives better for fifteen years now! They delivered hundreds of millions of parcels, with numerous stories lying behind each. One of those stories provided the basis for our new ad video. To tell the truth, the action took place at an exhibition, not at a concert. But the rest – the pursuit, the star, and the happy-end – is true.


Advertising Campaign 5, 2016

In May 2016, Nova Poshta and Fedoriv began to prepare for New Year celebrations. Our aim was to associate the NY vacations with the brand and encourage consumers to send more parcels. As a bit of a tangent here, treat each other with warmth and happiness – This is SO easy! We are all magicians and we have wings. And here we are flying… Flying with messengers, cats, zeppelins and Ray Band, the young Ukrainian performers.