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The world is changing. Today, advanced economies are developing on the basis of small and medium-sized businesses (the Czech Republic—35% of GDP, Hungary—50%, Poland—54%, Denmark—80%, Israel—99%). Ukraine is traditionally a country of giants and oligarchs. The share of small business in the state’s GDP is only 15%.
And all banks are trying to make money on this scanty segment: they are arguing over tenths of a percent, over commissions’ kopecks, and minutes of a loan’s processing. There is no place for development here—neither for the country, nor for the economy, nor for the financial sector.


State Bank OSCHADBANK is changing the paradigm. It is necessary not to attract the consumer, but to create a one’s own one, having radically expanded the market framework and having formed a new ecosystem around small business, then there will be enough space for everyone.


OSCHADBANK is developing a large-scale program to support and develop entrepreneurship in Ukraine. It includes a set of necessary tools for a novice businessman—from financing to training and consulting.


  1. To attract new entrepreneurs.
  2. To increase the small business prestige in the society.
  3. To form the OSCHADBANK’s image as the best bank for entrepreneurs.


We have developed ideology, a strategy, and the name: “Build yours!”. The program’s symbol became an insistent and hardworking beaver, who kept gnawing his way to the dream, slowly and carefully. He builds every day—his business, his future. His country.


The beaver has begun an independent life. In the brand materials, we used craft to emphasize each client’s importance and the individual approach to each case.


As the format of the commercial, we chose the stylization for a classic interview of entrepreneurs being “hired”. We selected a dozen or so of types that are, in fact, social images of modern Ukraine. The key idea of the series is that there are no obstacles to start your own business. Both the professional actors and real businessmen were shot in the commercials, as well as opinion leaders and even a real oligarch in a cameo. To launch the program, we produced twenty short ten-second themes.


Million dollar hands! When the crisis has broken out, he was out of a job. He had to feed his family. He started making and repairing wooden furniture. He works alone so far but he doesn't have any bosses. He is already thinking about expanding his business.


She started back in the nineties. First, she opened the cosmetics cart in the market, then the second one, afterwards there was the first retail outlet. Now she promotes the Turkish clothing brand in her stores network. Partners call her a marketing genius.


A volunteer, junior sergeant of the APU. After demobilization, he founded a pizzeria for the ATO veterans’ employment. Things moved along—a unique social format has become in demand in all regions of Ukraine.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Part One


An engineering technologist by training. During a trip to Croatia, she visited a local cheese factory. Then decided to create the same farm in her native village. Now she is launching her own brand of brynza from goat milk.


First a driver, then a guard, was nearly the right hand of a big businessman. But was always on the sidelines. He writes good poems and secretly dreams of opening his own flower shop. Today he has got a chance.

Tetiana, DIGITAL

The founder of a digital agency. She started as a freelancer. Once, there were too many orders. Thus, a team was formed, which now has more than twenty people. Oshchadbank is one of her clients.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Part Two


His name was lost in history. Eduard, perhaps? Eduard has made a stunning career: he grew a big ego and a lazy belly, got an impressive CV and the ability to get on well with his superiors.


The owner of the agency of the same name. In marketing since he was fifteen. I started my first business fifteen years ago because I wanted a red BMW. His nearest plans are expansion to the international market.

Oleksandr, CAR SERVICE

Twenty years he worked as a sales representative in an international company. Promoted feline food. One morning, he decided to radically change his life. Thus, opened the service station for electric vehicles. He is fond of motocross.


The KPI last year's student. Three companies from Silicon Valley have already offered him a job. But he is not in a hurry to sign an offer, but wants to succeed on his own. Is looking for an investor for his project.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Part Three


He started as an assistant chef peeling vegetables. Managed to work with the chef of the restaurant included in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants rating. At the start of the restaurant boom, he returned to Ukraine to open his own restaurant with an emphasis on fish.


She sewd her first toy when she was on maternity leave. Now, her dinosaurs are not only sold in Ukraine, but are also popular in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Lithuania. Is now developing a new collection related to raccoons.

Serhii, MASTER

He had only two ways. He chose the second one: organized his friends in an apartment repair team. Customers recommend him, so the orders are not a problem. He closely resembles our designer.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

Part Four


The program was launched on September 13, 2017 with a joint presentation by Andriy Pyshnyi and Andriy Fedoriv in the UNIT.City innovative park. The first day’s results, even before the campaign’s launch on TV, were: fifty thousand views of commercials, about a thousand reposts, seven thousand visits to the portal, three thousand registrations on the site and the Facebook page. That was the way the beavers’ era has dawned :)