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The OLX online classified ads platform is one of the world’s leaders in e-commerce. Its services are available in 105 countries in 40 languages. Uzbekistan is an emerging market with a growing share of mobile Internet traffic. We had to decide how to keep the leading position here against the backdrop of expensive mobile Internet. It was also necessary to attract residents of the Fergana Valley who maintain a more traditional way of life and engage them in active use of OLX.


November 2016

For a resident of Uzbekistan, the family is sacred. All the key events take place in the family circle; all important decisions are taken at the family council meeting. Therefore, the main character of the TV commercial and OOH advertising is a father of the family. With the participation of all relatives, he sells the unnecessary things and buys what he needs on OLX. The use of OLX is becoming a traditional family business, organically fitting into the Uzbek way of life in the Fergana Valley.


March 2017

Since the Silk Road times, the bazaar is an important part of Uzbek culture. This is both a marketplace, a meeting point and an entertainment venue. What Uzbeks love more than bazaar is, perhaps, only their home and a good rest. It would be great to combine a rest on the couch and a stroll through bazaar… And, in fact, it is quite possible with OLX.uz!

Voy booo! [voi 'bu:]

November 2017

A garage and a pantry are traditional places for accumulating things. These things are too good to throw or give away but take so much space… And what would you say if your clogged-up garage suddenly turned into a classy supermodern store? Voy booo (in Uzbek, “That’s cool!”)

Thank you!

December 2017

The right deal the Eastern way is when you get not only benefits, but also good emotions. Indeed, this is the very essence of the OLX service! The buyer gets a favorable price, and the seller receives not only money, but also gratitude. A sincere “thank you!” is pleasant to say and pleasant to hear, and it’s also pleasant to shoot videos about it!

Three billboards outside Fergana, Uzbekistan