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OLX (OnLine eXchange) operates as a national online classifieds marketplace for used goods, from clothes and furniture to cars and real estate. It is presented in over 106 countries, Ukraine and Kazakhstan listed.



Slando publishes many cars for sale ads. We had a task to draw attention to this category and demonstrate Slando mobile application features. We created short videos containing step-by-step instructions on how to sell a car. In these episodes, Slando helped a blonde, a guy, an old man and a worker to sell their autos quickly and easily.

Do Not Panic!


Against the backdrop of the disastrous economic situation in Ukraine and a drop in people’s income, we had a task to draw attention to Slando. We showed that everyone had lots of unnecessaries at home that someone else might need. So, someone could sell something and make on it, while someone else could obtain a needed thing at a favorable price. As a result of our campaign, some expressions uttered by the actor Viktor Andriyenko in the commercials became catchy phrases.

Slando Turned into OLX


As OLX brand owner, Naspers Co. opted to change all local brand names throughout the world to common resource name. Therefore, the company needed to tell users about the new brand. However, Slando had managed to reach fantastic awareness among consumers enjoying their perfect loyalty. Thus, we had to keep the great performance and speak about Slando renaming to OLX. Humorous undertone helped us to figure out our approach to the challenge. If OLX could not be Slando any more, OK, let it become OLX. We delivered that very message through a great number of short videos. After permanently repeating the information time and time again, people finally got used to the point that Slando became OLX. That means it no longer poses a threat to the brand’s integrity. The campaign caused website users number to go up, which is a great indicator for a rebranding campaign.

Our level of ambitions with FEDORIV fitted together. It's important for us to make something outstanding.
  • Sergey Gapochenko
  • Director of olx.ua, olx.kz, olx.by и olx.uz

Grand Piano


After Slando turned into OLX, they needed to boost customers’ awareness of the rebranded website. Despite an unusual sounding of OLX, our communication sounded like a true piece of music. First we launched rhythmic teaser “Slando turned to OLX”, then we designed commercials about the renewed website, and finally ended our OLX overture playing the grand piano.

New Year Fair


It’s the first time that OLX sellers and buyers could meet face to face, make acquaintance and talk. The sellers sold up their goods quickly, whilst the buyers bought the things they needed and New Year gifts.

Real Estate


OLX brand was adjusting to its new financial environment in Ukraine. In response to fluctuations of realty market, a demand for supporting a related website category arose. Thus, we had to show that OLX allowed not just publishing For Sale ads, but also accepted real estate advertisements. We developed a somewhat different stylistics as a part of OLX visual identity that clearly separated the style of real estate category apart from For Sale categories.

Operation OLX-ation


Viktor Andriyenko (famous Ukrainian actor) conducts total OLX-ation among ordinary Ukrainian families using joking genre. Along with the commercial characters the audience gets to know, how many thing we have, that may be easily and profitably sold with the help of OLX application.

It’s time to OLX!


Can you imagine how many people around you are ready to help you buy necessary things at the most affordable price? Thanks to OLX, you can find absolutely everything at any time, even during your trolleybus ride.



Ukrainians are extremely polite people. When a problem comes unexepectedly instead of saying ‘#&+!^[email protected]*##!’ they only come up with ‘WTF?’. Ukrainians are smart. So after saying ‘WTF?’ they visit OLX and get their issues settled by other smart Ukrainians who extend a helping hand by offering beneficial buying terms. Look for details in a few happy-end video episodes.



Potap, shown as a representative of different OLX target audience, will perform a rap about how easy it is to have a problem solved with the help of OLX. We deem it necessary to warn viewers that the tune and lyrics for that advertising may get stuck in your head and loop around for a long time



2016 midsummer in Ukraine turned out to be hot one. Siesta was saving just few people at that time. More decisions are to be made for people reviving. That is why OLX team announced a fiesta. One may be found in capital of Catalonia for each three announcements set by means of olx.ua mobile application. Surely the best reward for use of mobile application is selfie against La Pedrera background made with the same mobile phone.



By autumn 2016, everyone came to know that OLX is a place where everything can be bought or sold. However, few people knew OLX is accessible via a mobile app, the advantages of which are clear: an access to OLX on the go, high connection speed and a user-friendliness. That is why we had an interview with a guy who is an unmatched expert in mobile apps. Our interview then turned into a bright story titled Pun.



Are you looking for a No. 1 marketplace brand? Search OLX first! Enjoy the new campaign for the biggest national classifieds.

PS. Everything you see in the video can be bought on OLX—with one exception: the director has already taken the protagonist’s shirt :)

Real job


The OLX job vacancies section has quickly become a competitor of the leading Ukrainian online job search monsters. While others attracted office workers for years, we decided to take a different tack and launch a campaign for blue-collar workers—real toilers and manual labor adepts! To reach their hearts, we speculated on the stereotype: every hard worker knows that from morning till night the office monkeys are engaged in the activities they don’t like on the job they don’t love. Our campaign is an emphatic contrast between office slavery and a real job, which, by the way, can be so quickly and easily found on OLX!

No employee? There is an employee!


Finding a good job is not easy, but finding a good employee is even more difficult! The objective of the new campaign is to convince the employer to post vacancies in the Work section on OLX. The solution was a vivid visual move: the workplace is idle without an employee, but instantly changes after clicking on “Submit an ad.” By the way, for the wonderful “manifestation” of employees, it took more than 16 hours of work of artists and lighting technicians and only 2 hours of shooting.