• Communication

The Patrol Police of Ukraine is an entirely new structure in the Ukrainian law enforcement system, which was formed in 2015. These are the so-called cops, the ones the reforms began with, the ones whose oath-taking ceremony was visited by thousands of people, the ones people photographed in the streets with.
However, the euphoria passed, and hard weekdays of service began. Some failed to endure and left. At the same time, the structure developed, expanded its geographic presence, and new structural units were formed. All this resulted in a significant increase in the number of job openings that had to be quickly covered.


Our target audience is mostly mature adults who are already working and are hardly dreaming of or have once thought of working as patrol officers. We had to find an approach and explain to them why that kind of profession was for them. In the process of implementing the project, we realized that society knew little about the Patrol Police, did not distinguish it from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ other structures, and did not realize the whole spectrum of its functions. Therefore, another task of the campaign was to familiarize people with the patrol officers’ work, to show them how dynamic, heroic, and cool it was.


We have found the thing that unites all potential candidates—an unfulfilled desire to help people, the feeling of being able to do more than their work demanded. And then we just wrapped it up in very simple everyday situations in which everyone would be able to recognize themselves. Our team produced not just a single video or a visual, but a series of them. It took long to shoot them, it was exciting, and most importantly, they involved real patrol officers.

Since the communication purpose is a person’s very specific action, namely, filling out the application, it is not enough to just get him/her interested; it is necessary to properly bring the candidate to it. Therefore, we’ve created a separate website to recruit applicants, where the information was structured in a new way and the video section was added, in which current patrol officers shared their impressions of their job.