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The path to the kid’s happiness is super clear. It’s a gift. However, choosing a gift able to surprise the kid is, in fact, a supertask. A happy superadult will be the one who has coped with it. So, you just cannot do without help and need a super helper, Budynok Ihrashok (BI). BI helps super-adults pave the way for their kid’s happiness. Therefore, the “to BI or not to BI” question is out of place here. The answer is clear and super simple: PRESENT, SURPRISE, and HAVE FUN.

According to the BI’s worldview, there are three forms of happiness: the kid’s, the adult’s, and a double kid–adult’s one. The latter cannot be reduced to either the first or the second and may only be the result of the mutual reinforcement of the first by the second, the second by the first, or the first and the second by some third or fourth thing. As you can see, it’s complicated, so let’s be serious and make it clear.

look, the eyes are watching you

1. Kid’s happiness

Signs: big eyes (not to be confused with fear), wide-open mouth (may be accompanied by shrieks or screams, or just a wow, which pretty much depends on the kid’s age and temperament), clapping hands (especially characteristic of the young kid’s happiness, but may spontaneously be experienced by older kids as well), and other individual manifestations (parents are advised to look for such manifestations and try to stimulate them in their kids more often).


Since 1998, BI has been engaged in finding cool toys in our Universe’s accessible stellar systems and bringing them down to Ukraine. It means that every time the new Star Wars movie is released in the world, BI is the first to put laser swords, the Jedi’s masks, and knight cloaks on the shelf. And it’s the first to tell the adults that green-haired dolls are not a fashion anymore. Or rather they are a fashion only among those who are under ten.

2. Adult’s happiness

Signs: a happy adult is easy to recognize by a happy kid beside him (see point 1). If no happy kid is seen by their side (which can happen, since adults are always running around, rushing, and going around harried), but the adult has a BI package in his or her hands, they must be a happy adult, because they are likely to sooner or later have a kid from point 1 beside them.


BI wraps the presents in special packages. And it is truly proud of them because they are firstly pink and very beautiful. And secondly, a surprise is a surprise both in Jamaica and on Kontraktova Square: before seeing the gift, a person has to go through a separate important path of guesses, doubts, and forebodings. Moreover, BI removes the biggest headache of the presenter—the choice. A normal adult cannot and should not know everything about the trends in the world of toys. Kids and BI know about them.

3. Double kid–adult’s happiness

Signs: inappropriate, according to accepted social norms, behavior of both the adults and kids referred to in points 1 and 2. They can jump, run around, laugh aloud, romp in the grass, and even smear their clothes. You wouldn’t even tell the adult from the kid. Fortunately, such situations do not last long but will long be remembered and improve the climate of relationships between the adults and their kids.


BI leaves this point unexplained and believes that happy kids and happy parents will figure out themselves what it means. However, BI stresses that is always ready to join and help. Just let us now!