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Good Wine is the first specialized store of wine and hard liquors in Ukraine and the largest in Europe. It is a large retailer, importer, and wholesaler of alcohol and food products throughout the country. The company employs more than five hundred people.


“We have a great brand, excellent conditions, salary… But we cannot fill the vacancies that interest us for years. We don’t have the right people coming to us”


— Generate job applications of the right people for us.

— Build an image of the best employer in the market.

— Increase loyalty among existing employees.

To begin with, we formulated the values that should be shared by people of interest to us. We decided that the way of thinking was more important to us than the age, work experience, or income of applicants.


It was great; we determined the criteria for evaluating “our kind of guy.” But it turned out (all of a sudden!) that these people were not looking for a job. They do not visit job search websites looking for the “junior representative in a dynamically developing company” offers. They are not attracted by such commons as a “stable work with the possibility of career growth.” They are either well employed or are only in search of their purpose in life. They dream about a startup rather than a routine work at a grocery store display area.

How to attract those who are not looking for a job?


We proposed something that would be interesting for them. Something that really drives them. GOOD WINE is not a job. It’s travel (trips to suppliers and motivational trips), education (sommelier school, professional courses and trainings) and business (entrepreneurship within the company)!


We have shifted the focus from job search websites to social media and made Facebook a key communication channel. We changed the traditional tone of vacancy announcements: we got rid of clichés and formality, added humaneness and a bit of irony. Thus, the subscribers of the GOOD WINE page (there are more than 35,000 of them) became promoters of our brand.

To increase the coverage, we made a simple video with the “for life” aphorism for each new vacancy. One ad generated an average of 20,000–30,000 views among the relevant target audience. As a result, the people we needed began to respond, the ones who were “not looking for a job” :)