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One of Ukraine’s biggest mayonnaise producers, the Delta company, owns some heavy-duty agricultural facilities related to sunflower and sunflower oil.
Delta used to operate in a B2B segment, without reaching end customers. The company turned to us with a task to develop the brand and roll it out in the retail sector.


The company once registered some brand names, and Guliay Pole [the name of a Ukrainian town translated into English as a walk-about field] was considered to have the best branding prospects. The brand deployment program started in March 2015, and it is to run for one year. We developed a positioning and a visual identity system for the new brand, and created a unique packaging line. A rooster became the emblem of Guliay Pole. Drawn in a simple watercolor technique, it stands out among other foodstuff as it looks authentic and ingenious.

TV commercials that we created deepened and developed the message. A few episodes featuring two compadre roosters Makhno and Petro voiced by Andriy Sereda and Mykola Veresen hit Ukrainian charts and contributed to a large-scale distributor management program.