Sushi & PanAsia

  • Design
  • Strategy

Kyiv is glutted with all types of foodservice operators, including those providing Oriental cuisine. Though having good meals, fast food and restaurant chains that serve Asian cuisine identify themselves with stale Asian clichés and lump together incompatible cultural motives. Red and white colors, oriental decorations and visual chaos are everywhere. We had a task to create a brand for a genuinely authentic restaurant.


We worked out visual identity system based on a deep research of one of the most vibrant and influential world regions. We created a night atmosphere of Asian megalopolis, where life is in full swing 24/7. Besides, the visual identity of Casta is built on the idea of never-ending renewal and polar extremes interaction. Casta’s logo style fixed duality and polarity and embodied the principle of interaction between different reality aspects, like yin and yang. A contrast range of corporate identity colors underlines the opposition, meanwhile subtle Oriental ornaments soften that contrast and remind of interaction.