• Communication

Protecting the state is a matter of honor. So today, within the framework of the reforms, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine needs young, ambitious, motivated people who want to become the new faces of the state on its borders. To achieve this, a transparent and open competition The New Face of the Border is taking place. The question is, however, how do we attract the most desirable candidates, how can they be shown the advantages of serving in the State Border Guard Service? How will this campaign stand out from the many other public service recruitment campaigns?


In order to interest the public, to convey clearly what it is border guards do, and to stand out from other public service recruitment campaigns, we have created TV and radio commercials which are atypical for this category; we have developed a series of posters and a recruitment campaign website. And we have discovered the characteristic which sets border guards apart: Vigilance, that ability to notice those crucial details which may conceal danger. This campaign clearly illustrates the challenges which border guards face. Potential consumers of the product are watchful and smart, and they are, therefore, potential candidates for service with the border guard agency.