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There is a meat mass grave at every food store – a counter with sausages. Competition among the foodstuff occurs by law of random unpredictable situations and associations. Despite their high quality, the Slivochnyie sausages were lost amongst other similar products.
We explored that key consumers of sausages were people of a respectable age. They are nostalgic about the flavor and quality of meat products made by Soviet standards. Second, we came to an evident conclusion that actually all people like sausages. So we created the brand Slivochnyie with a red wave on the casing that became well-known at a fast clip. Since it is often useless to set hopes on POS materials, designing of the sausage skin enabled us to create a bright visual solution and come to a precise recognition of the product in window displays. Our TV communication just told about sausages, and no things produced after 90’s were shown in shot. Outcome of sales and a quantitative research revealed a success of the nostalgic communication as Slivochnyie became favorite sausages of Russians.

First Advertising Campaign

Second Advertising Campaign

Third Advertising Campaign