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Ukrainian jewelry market inherited much from its Soviet predecessor. Oftentimes thus, retail stores work like market stalls on a market day. This molds the way they communicate with customers and, time and again, explains the lack of it. Having this background in mind, Zolota Sova set a goal of becoming an aesthetically modern up-to-date brand.


We developed a new brand positioning and proposed to rename it to SOVA — an international and fashionable name. That enabled the brand to get a modern twist while preserving its tradition. 

<br>A new identity is based on the principle of exquisiteness and a combination of classic and current trends. The new key message “A pinpoint approach to your style” became a cornerstone for the architectural solution of stores and the customer service style. We took an unconventional approach to advertising materials by combining an ink sketch of a woman silhouette and costly jewels.