Windows by Rules

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Stekloplast, Ukraine’s largest producer of fiberglass windows, used to sharpen its focus mainly on the production and distribution on the B2B market. But as the market evolved, average-income consumers got to become key buyers of fiberglass windows. In this context, the brand lagged behind the company’s capabilities and capacities. Stekloplast used to apply a traditional blue color and a Cyrillic spelling of its name in its visual representation. Its communications featured smiling kids in the window. So they had to develop the brand to be equally efficient for a corporate sector and their own dealer network. Besides, the brand had to be recognizable by retailers.




In spring 2013, we put in place a large-scale rebranding for Stekloplast. We replaced the Cyrillic spelling of the company name with Latin characters, and introduced the abbreviation SP. To be distinguished among other operators, we colored the company with yellow, thus making it high-tech, German and industrial. Besides, to keep Stekloplast unique, while also to avoid routine and stereotypes, we invented Stepanych – an ideal window fitter who is able to deliver Stekloplast’s values to an end consumer in an informal way. We developed new rules for the brand positioning. As against most small fiberglass firms that go it blind with unpredictable results, Stekloplast shows a comprehensive approach. This provides for consumer’s satisfaction and viability for a franchise and dealers.