Only direct spin

  • Communication

Galiсia is the first Ukrainian line of directly expressed juices. The brand introduced the market with a new techology enabling to keep the quality and flavor of packaged juices. Nontheless, that unique advantage was negated by Ukrainian consumers’ distrust towards packed juices.
We faced a challenge of developing an integrated communication campaign and emphasizing that Tetra Pak Galicia packaging was as good as glass-bottled juices.


We put honesty at the brand core and communicated that Galicia was “the direct pressing, and nothing extra”. The story about the brand’s essence was light and sunny, as well as accompanied with vocal performance by Pikkardiyska Tertsiya. The first commercial briefly uncovered the nature of direct pressing technology. In our second video, we talked about the plant itself, its employees and Transcarpathia apple gardens, showing the whole production process. Fruit and berry juices lovers got to believe in our communication insomuch that Galicia sales were stable since the second half of January to end-February, which is, to sat at least, the period when juice sales are traditionally really poor.