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The first Prostor shop was established in 2005 in Dnipropetrovsk. Today the drogerie chain comprises over 230 stores in more than 80 Ukrainian cities. The company turned to us with a challenge of redesigning and decorating their stores. We arrived at a conclusion that creating just another version of the design was of no sense without a comprehensive brand strategy. So we had to bring the Prostor’s idea to focus and accentuate it in all manifestations of the brand.




Our research showed that Prostor outlets sold more personal care and beauty products than their competitors. We decided to base the strategy on beauty-related messages and worked out two polar approaches. From the one hand, beauty means feeling comfortable in your own skin, self-confidence and independence from the opinions of other people. This is a positive trend created and cultivated by global cosmetic brands. From the other hand, beauty means working on yourself regularly, including workouts, dietary habits and cosmetic procedures. This is an anti-trend which we have used to shape the brand’s model. You may assure people and yourself that you are what you are, but ultimately beauty means a hard work on yourself. So get yourself off your homely coziness and go to a Prostor store. Based on this strategy, we developed an integrated system of brand’s visual identity.