• Communication

Laferobionium is an antiviral drug for children from the BIOPHARMA company. It helps effectively fight upper respiratory infections and quickly make your baby feel fine again. But any illness, even a short one, is an unpleasant thing. So this year, the company has introduced new forms of the drug to the market—a spray and drops. They can be used to prevent adults and children from colds, as well as fight the first symptoms of the disease. Laferobionium had already been known to parents, so we faced the challenge of maintaining the integrity of communication.

The previous communication used animated characters, which the consumers liked and remembered. We decided to go further and turn the commercial into a mini cartoon.

To make characters move smoothly, we shot at twenty-four frames per second and made a new emotion face for each frame with 3D-printer. Skeletons made in the UK helped us make the bodies of the characters movable. What added volume and authenticity to the picture was a special three-axis motion control shooting technique. A month of work on the sets, sixteen shooting days, twenty people working nearly around the clock—and we got commercial with handmade characters.