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In 1997, the first baby store with the brightful name Antoshka opened hospitably its doors in a perfect competitive environment - having no actual competitors. Eventually, new foreign companies and similar domestic products revealed themselves in the market. Besides, juvenile products began to be widely sold in e-stores.

Thus, the brand got obsolete visually as it really lacked an attention-grabbing communication. Antoshka seemed not to speak the same language as mothers and kids who were its target audience.




We analyzed the market as of 2009, checked the experience of competitors and segmented buyers determining their key needs and preferences. We proposed a new positioning, developed a system of visual identity for the brand, launched a few communication campaigns, published the first issue of the branded newspaper Antoshka, and facilitated their new website development. Besides, we held a big international tender for drawing up a new architectural solution for the stores.

I encourage all owners to work only with the people they like. This is easily verified by the amount of energy that remains after communication.

VLADISLAV BURDA, owner of RedHead Family Corporation