Men want more

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Just imagine. Year 2009. Ostankino Meat Processing Plant founded in Central Russia in 1954. Director’s office is faceing the business meeting of the Director himself and a branding agency representative. Guy: So why are your sausages twelve centimeters long? Director: What do you mean, why? A common sausage is twelve centimeters. Guy: Oh, OK. But so why? Director: Well, there is a state standard. They used to make it twelve centimeters in Soviet Union... [And a pause of real big drama sunk]

First Advertising Campaign

Getting an insight into sausage-related preferences, we found out they were often consumed by men under 35, mainly single. This is a kind of backstop in case of hunger. The market needed a new young people sausage brand. We proposed to create a unique product — SOSISKA.RU. Our idea was that the new Ostankino product would be extended by four dramatic centimeters, from twelve centimeters. An ironclad guarantee of bellyful! We developed a positioning for the new brand — a really big sausage. The dimensions of SOSISKA.RU were beneficial from a practical standpoint, as a man needs more meat. From the ground up, the new product generated over 50 million dollars a year. Due to that, Forbes ranked SOSISKA.RU among top ten Russian start-ups. That was funny and flattering.

Second Advertising Campaign

SOSISKA.RU caused a financial sensation on the meat market. We realized the success could and had to be consolidated. We plunged deeper into the world of real food for real men. We realized that when women try to express their love for men cooking salads or oatmeal they make a big mistake. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And a man is created to eat meat. There should be much meat, so that men will be strong enough to safeguard their ladies who eat light food. And that was the message of our new communication “Bigger sausage – more power”.